Welcome to the School of Nomad Arts, where India Flint (artist, author and the originator of the ecoprint*) shares her knowledge of leaf printing and botanical alchemy, cutting and stitching, paper-folding and a little poetry


where, if you wish, you can join in while wearing your pyjamas and sailing your armchair on a voyage of learning and discovery.

There are three courses available so far  :: the Alchemist's Apron , Conscious Clothing and a clearing in the woods

Once enrolled, the courses are yours for a good book, but with moving images and with someone who will answer your questions. Learn how to print leaves on cloth, how to make clothes that are both beautiful and comfortable, and how to make wee paper books to keep in your pockets or magical aprons from discarded shirts. 

Find your tribe in the whirled,  connect with them via the private groups created for each class and share your stories... 


*the ecoprint is an ecologically sustainable contact print that transfers leaf dyes to cloth, clay, wood, stone or paper ; now widely adopted by makers in almost every country.