whispers on the wind

kind words from students at the School of Nomad Arts

silken pockets


"What a beautiful way of passing on your knowledge and skills. The photography/videos are so mesmerising. I sat for an hour or so and just fell into the scenes! As well as being reminded of silk jackets I made decades ago, that can now be re-styled and refreshed. So enjoying this connection with you, India"


“I wish you could know how completely synchronous this course is in my life.

I turn 50 this year.

I am finally trusting myself to stand in my own power and chart my own course to the music of the spheres that I hear shimmering above and to trust the innate creativity that has always been calling to me but which I have so fervently hidden and discounted.

Thank you again and again.”




"India, your passion for your work, and your kindness to “Mother Earth” spills out of your gentle words. It is a real pleasure to watch your teachings, and see your thoughtfulness for all things."