whispers on the wind

kind words from students at the School of Nomad Arts

silken pockets


"What a beautiful way of passing on your knowledge and skills. The photography/videos are so mesmerising. I sat for an hour or so and just fell into the scenes! As well as being reminded of silk jackets I made decades ago, that can now be re-styled and refreshed. So enjoying this connection with you, India"


"Very moved by the “What Happened Next” video. I found myself tearing up when you cracked open that black bundle to reveal that lovely garment. I didn’t know I was craving this natural, elemental craftiness, but I’m sure glad I found you and your school, India!"




"India, your passion for your work, and your kindness to “Mother Earth” spills out of your gentle words. It is a real pleasure to watch your teachings, and see your thoughtfulness for all things."