being(t)here :: wayfaring between time

For the past seven years I have been teaching a workshop about the poetics of place (usually over five days).

I call it being(t)here. No iteration of it has ever been quite the same, as it varies and develops and grows with each place it’s been held at. Part of me dearly wants to produce it as a kind of handbook for travellers (even those who are limited to journeying around their living rooms and gardens) but I haven’t yet found a publisher.

So it seemed to me that the next best thing would be to create a being(t)here class online. It opens with the new moon in March this year and I think its strength may lie in the richly diverse community that is already gathering in readiness, comes from all around the globe.

being(t)here has been a wonderful tumbleweed over the years, catching ideas and inspirations and gathering them up as it has rolled around the whirled. Now that this wee tumbleweed is finding a place for itself online, a place that is a kind of village well around which we can meet when we come for water, a cauldron in which ideas and concepts and words and thoughts will simmer and brew, a fertile field where the tumbleweed can at last set some seeds and sprout.

I have a feeling that it’s going to blossom.

Will you join me there?



I began sewing a soft wool coat while I was teaching at Maiwa School of Textiles in the (northern) summer just past, free-cutting on the floor of the lovely apartment in which I was staying. Managed quite a bit of stitching in the evenings, but then (to my embarrassment) forgot about it once I was home again.

It wasn’t until I was emptying the suitcase for repacking that I recalled the coat. A couple of days of steady sewing later, it was ready for the dyepot. It seemed a good time to make a wee movie.

View it by clicking this link (or hop to the page titled ‘telling stories’).

brewing potions

I am always on the watch for substances that can play a role in the dyepot. These acorns were gathered from the pavements of a nearby village some months ago, many with the husks already conveniently crushed by passing feet.

Now begins the task of separating tannin-rich husk from the protein-rich meat to create mordant baths/dyeing assists for cellulose fibres. Piggies in Portugal would just eat them.

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roaming on a rainbow

last week the School of Nomad Arts roamed to Rainbow Beach to film some segments for 'Conscious Clothing', discovering curious exudations from the land, and watching marvels in the sky as the smoke from nearby "controlled burning" played with the afternoon sun

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