botanical alchemist & string twiner,

storyteller, forest wanderer & tumbleweed, stargazer & stitcher,

working traveller, dreamer, writer

 and the original discoverer of the eucalyptus ecoprint

...dyeing for a living in the deep south




I work with bio-regionally gathered ecologically sustainable dyes

making plant dyed pieces for walls, spaces and bodies


I have designed and made costumes for Leigh Warren + Dancers

the West Australian Ballet and Company Miji

and offer workshops in Australia and overseas


step into the garden to read more about me

 or click on the image below to preview my new pocket book about

ecoprint bundle dyeing for cloth and paper


if you purchase a copy of the bundle book

before August 3, 2014 you can enter a draw to win a tsunobukuro bag

details here







 all photos on this site by India Flint unless otherwise attributed